Monthly Kizomba party
Next Party – 5th July 2018
Guest teacher Feka Sam (SAL) and Resident DJ KoKo

Bird Hills Golf Club, Drift Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL63ST

Guest Teacher Feka Sam (SAL)

Born in Angola and raised in England, Feka trained with SAL, learning its philosophy and educational methods, before recently joining its teaching team.

Feka performed at Batuke 2011 in the production ‘Musseke’, choreographed by Iris de Brito, and has taught at well-known events such as ‘El Grande’ and the 2012 London Cuban Congress, where he also performed the duet ‘Fica Comigo’.

He is a committed teacher, with a warm and personable approach, and is keen to share his love of dance and promote Afro-Latino dance forms, particularly Kizomba. He aims always to provide students with an immersive learning experience in classes through simple yet enlightening activities which make learning dance both fun and engaging.

Feka’s background lies in the creative voluntary sector, developing and managing creative educational activities for disadvantaged young people – but not exclusively so. He is passionate about his work and believes art forms such as dance can be an empowering means to develop transferable skills.

DJ Ko Ko
Koko was born in the Gambia, raised in France and England. She has grown up loving different genre of music from bashment, rnb, pop, afrobeat and many more; with her favourite childhood memories tied to Bollywood music. Her love for music began at a young age when her dad used to teach her to dance to Bollywood songs and some 80’s funk.

She first came into contact with Kizomba nearly 2 years ago and has truly embrace the dance as well as the music. She considers music as her therapy.  It allows her to put her daily stress and cares on the back burner for a bit and decompress.  She loves getting lost in music and the joyful feelings it stirs up in her chest.

Doors open 7.45pm – Midnight
Kizomba is a partner dance native to the African country of Angola, with influences from other Lusofone countries. It was first known as “Passada” (meaning “stepping” – a reference to the movement flow) and for having a sensuous rhythm. Although the exact origins are unknown, it is considered to be a fusion of Semba (a traditional Angolan dance and predecessor of samba) with ‘Zouk’ influences coming from the French Caribbean Islands.

Kizomba style now emphasizes a very smooth way of dancing, heavily influened by Tango steps, one of the main differences being that the lower body, the hip, does forward/backwards and circle movements.

The evening will start with 3 classes at 8.30pm for beginners, improvers and intermediate/advanced dancers. The intermediate/advanced level 3 class will be taught by our guest teacher Nuno Campos. After the classes we have a great social with our resident DJ Ko Ko playing the best in Kizomba, Semba and related until midnight.

8pm –
Beginners – Level 1
Improvers – Level 2
Intermediate/Advanced – Level 3 with our guest Nuno Campos – Midnight
Social and music with DJ KoKo

£10 for all classes and club
£5 for club only

Contact Basil on 07595 397184 for further info

Our party nights take place in a fantastic venue located at Bird Hills Golf Club. This venue has a great wooden dance floor, massive parking, same area bar and is easily accessible from junction 8/9 of the M4.


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Feka Sam
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