New 6 week courses start on the 20th September 2018

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Dance2salsa are proud to present our weekly Kizomba classes run by our Dance2Kizomba team. Kizomba is a partner dance native to the African country of Angola, with influences from other Lusofone countries. It was first known as “Passada” (meaning “stepping” – a reference to the movement flow) and for having a sensuous rhythm. Although the exact origins are unknown, it is considered to be a fusion of Semba (a traditional Angolan dance and predecessor of samba) with ‘Zouk’ influences coming from the French Caribbean Islands. In the 80’s groups like Kassav or Zouk Machine infused a fast paced and more African influenced sound into the music. In recent times the style has become slightly slower and more romantic and the influence of other dance styles like Tango are clearly visible.

Kizomba style now emphasizes a very smooth way of dancing, heavily influened by Tango steps, one of the main differences being that the lower body, the hip, does forward/backwards and circle movements. People dance on the tempo, as well as playing on the off beat and only sometimes using syncopated steps. Repetitive steps and patterns provide a clear platform for teaching this dance form in a skilled manner.

Our classes take place at:

Class times (Thursday)
Bird Hills Golf Club, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3ST

7.30pm – 8.20pm
Level 1 – Beginners

8.30pm – 9.30pm
Level 2 – Improvers
Level 3 – Intermediates

9.30pm – 11.30pm
Social Dance and practice – Kizomba, Semba and related with DJ KoKo

Level 1 Beginners 6 week course Drop in – £10
Level 2 Improvers Drop in – £10
Level 3 – Intermediate Drop in – £10
Social dance only – £5

Should you require any further information please contact Basil Pinnock on 07595 397184 or email to or visit our website at

1st November 2018